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We are passionate about providing you with the best waxing, tanning, nails, lashes and brows treatments available.

About Us

Located in the heart of Albert Park, Skinologie 2 provides one-on-one treatment for all your bodily needs. Greeting you at the door with a full smile and a heart of gold. Our staff will tend to your needs inside and out; leaving you with the best results possible. Our team is eager to get to know you and have you walking out the door with your best self.

What We Do

At skinologie 2 we are all about you! Where you can experience external beautification from head to toe with our wide variety of offerings. You could polish up with a manicure or pedicure, or get your nails done for that occasion you’re thinking about. Extend your gaze with some eyelash extension, or tint those brows. We also offer a thorough wax and spray tanning to leave you golden.


Here at skinologie 2 we offer both hot wax and strip wax depending on various hair types & body parts you wish to be waxed.

Caron Strawberry Hot Wax

Our hot wax is the type of wax that is generally used on small areas & for the more sensitive areas of the body. This particular type of wax is also great for those short stubborn hairs so that it eliminates any tweezing. We apply this wax with disposable spatulas to eliminate any cross contamination.

Caron Olive Oil Strip Wax

We also like to use our strip wax in a roller/cartridge form to eliminate any contamination so you can rest assure that the wax we use on you hasn’t been used on anyone else. This application method is also a lot faster & cleaner than using a metal or disposable spatula. The Olive oil extract in this particular wax is very soothing & moisturising for the skin making your waxing experience with us a comfortable one.


  • Half Leg

  • Full Leg

  • 3/4 Leg

  • Underarm

  • Lip

  • Half Arm

  • Full Arm

  • Bikini

  • G-String

  • Brazilian

  • Half Leg & Bikini

  • Facial Waxing x2

  • Facial Waxing x3

  • Back & Shoulders

  • Chest & Stomach

The key to waxing is keeping your appointments on a regular basis!

By keeping your appointments between 4-6weeks, your hair will become softer, not as dark & grow back slower & thinner after each wax. It also become less painful over time, so that’s a plus right there!

Before your appointment!

Make sure when you come in for your waxing appointment you have no creams or moisturiser on as it makes it a little tricky to pick up the hairs properly without them snapping & gripping properly to be pulled out.

Our hair grows in two different stages, so sometimes it can take a few appointments for the hair to be all in the same cycle & at the same length.

So please be aware that if you have shaved in between a wax appointment it does delay the whole process of thinning away your hair.

After Care!

Aftercare is very straight forward for waxing. When you have waxing done not only does the hair get removed but a layer of skin is also removed therefore try not to go out into the direct sun for the first 12-24hrs as your skin still may be slightly sensitive.

Exfoliating on a regular basis also helps with the whole process of hair removal. Not only does it help remove any dead, dry skin but it also can help with the prevention of ingrown hairs.

Moisturising daily is also a must to keep the skin in a healthy supple condition. This keeps the dry skin at bay which makes waxing easier each visit as they wax will stick to the hair & not your built up dry skin.


Your comfort is of upmost importance to us; you will be provided….


Looking for a sun-kissed tan without UV damage? At skinologie 2 we use Tuscan Tan Spray Tans.
Tuscan Tan Colour

Leaving you with a golden glow, without any orange undertones, Tuscan tan uses a green base which means NO orange tones.

Tuscan Tan is one of Australia’s premier spray tanning companies. This tan is Australian made owned & operated.

By using world-exclusive colour technology to mimic naturally tanned skin tones with 100% accuracy.

Our fully trained therapist use the state of the art air brush application system that leaves you looking not only naturally tanned but also feeling confident that you have the right application to suit your skin type & colour.

No more embarrassing orange tans that leave you feeling like you have dived into a bag of Cheetos! Tuscan Tan solution is designed to pick up & extenuate the natural colour pigment in your skin & enhance it without going over the top. Hence the most natural looking spray tan around.


  • 8 Hour Spray Tan

    Allow 8 hours for the tan to prosses, best to sleep in overnight.

  • 90 Min Spray Tan

    Our express tan which develops in 90 Mins.

  • Three 8 Hour Spray Tan Series

    *Must be used within 3 months.

  • Six 8 Hour Spray Tan Series:

    *Must be used within 6 months.




  • File, Polish

  • File, Polish, Cuticles

  • Manicure

    includes soak, hand scrub and a relaxing massage to finish

  • Shellac

  • Shellac Manicure

    includes soak, hand scrub and a relaxing massage to finish

  • Nail Art

    per nail

  • Full Set Nail Art

  • French


Bio Sculpture Nails

  • Evo

  • Evo Manicure

    includes soak, hand scrub and a relaxing massage to finish

  • Overlays

  • Overlay Manicure

    includes soak, hand scrub and a relaxing massage to finish

  • Sculptures

  • Silk Repairs

    per nail

  • Sculpture Repairs

    per nail



  • Pedicure Express

    When your feet need some maintenance but time is limited. 30 Minutes

  • Pedicure Super

    A therapeutic foot soak, scrub and maintenance combined with a relaxing foot massage. 60 Minutes.


Deluxe Pedicures

  • Coffee Infusion Pedicure

    Indulge in a milk-infused foot soak followed by a coffee scrub rich in anti-oxidants to leave feet feeling soft and re-energised.

  • Marine Anti-Inflammatory Pedicure

    Marine mineral soak softens, deodorizes and reduces inflammation to those tired and aching feet.

  • Callus Treatment

    A callus heel mask applied and wrapped in a warm towel followed by a cucumber, chamomile and aloe naturally soothing treatment to remove dry and callused heels.

  • Skin Rejuvenation

    The ultimate pedicure treatment that focuses on your knees down to your feet leaving the skin feeling hydrated, smooth and fresh. With a deep cleanse, exfoliation together with gentle enzymes to release dead skin cells, a vitamin C infused mask to hydrate the skin finished with a rejuvenating vitamin B serum.

Additional Pedicure Treatments
  • Shellac

  • Shellac Pedicure**

  • Evo

  • Evo Pedicure**

  • Overlays

  • Overlays Pedicure**

  • Foot Mask

  • Callus Treatment


* All pedicures include polish to finish.

** Pedicures include, soak, scrub and a relaxing massage to finish.

Eye Couture

Eyelash Extensions

Our classic eyelash extensions use the 1:1 eyelash method. We use the highest of quality silk and faux silk lashes to provide a look suited to your eye.
  • Classic Natural Full Set

    Full and lustrous lashes are longer and thicker with the effect of 1-2 coats of mascara. Natural look lashes will make eyes appear bigger and fresher.

    90 mins $170
  • Classic Glamour Set

    A more dramatic effect with thicker, longer lashes to create a glamorous look with the effect of 2-3 coats of mascara.

    120 mins $210
  • 45 Mins Refill

  • 60 Mins Refill

  • 90 Mins Refill


Note: If less than 20 Lashes per eye, new set required.

Removal: $40, no charge for removal if a new set is re-applied.


A great alternative to extensions, enhancing your natural lashes by lifting from the root to tip.
With the Lash Lift, you can enjoy a subtle, yet striking curve; eyes look fresh and lashes longer.
  • Lash Lift with Eyelash Tint

    60 Minutes

  • Lash Lift without Eyelash Tint

    30 Minutes



We are experts in brow shaping! We use gentle strawberry wax to ensure both comfort and a perfectly sculptured look.
  • Eyebrow Shape

  • Eyelash Tint

  • Eyebrow Tint

  • Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint


Feathertouch Brows

A feathertouch brow makeover using microstroke technique cosmetic tattooing to enhance those brows.
  • Feathertouch Brows

    including 4-6 week touch up

  • 0-12 Months Touch Up

  • 13-24 Months Touch Up



You will receive an SMS confirmation the day before your appointment.
If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please give us 24 hours notice to allow time to reallocate your appointment to another client. Otherwise, you may be charged with a cancellation fee –50% of the value of your treatment.
We appreciate your effort to arrive on time for your appointment, however if your running late, we may have to reduce your treatment time in consideration for the next client.

Contact Us

We are passionate about providing you with the best service possible.

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107 Bridport Street, Albert Park VIC 3206

+61 3 9696 6880

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